Living Through Self Compassion

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” - Lao Tzu

Welcome To The Course

Rohit Bassi, the creator of the course, gives an insight into what truly serves, helps and supports him with mental health.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

It has an impact on our health, relationships, finances, work and all parts of our life.

Course Overview

"Have you given up on yourself, peace, trust or faith?" I had. Living a life of quiet desperation, depression, and destruction was getting me nowhere. Due to my self sabotaging ways my marriage had ended.

I had succumbed to self-destructive behaviour until I found and applied the antidote.

Dear learner, I create this course, to serve another who is feeling uncertain, scared or lost.

The course is an offering with joy, love and absolute sincere compassion. I know how deeply it can hurt and how liberating (and beautiful) it can feel when you can heal yourself and serve others.

This is not a course about what you should do. It is a course about loving your own life, being authentic and joyful. It is about moving from surviving towards thriving. Compassion truly is the antidote to depression, desperation and destruction.

What YOU Will Learn In This Course?

  • Build your resilience, strength and be anti-fragile

  • Discover your meaning and fulfilment in life

  • Improve your relationships with yourself, others and loved ones

  • Develop your kindness and care

  • Amplify your awareness, consciousness & energy

  • Heal your inner wounds

Course Requirements

  • No previous experience or any prior knowledge of compassion

  • Open mind, heart and willingness to stretch your comfort zone

  • Computer or mobile device with an Internet connection to take this course

Who Is This Course For?

  • Are you interested in relieving suffering then this course is for you?

  • Are you interested to unshackle from quiet desperation, depression & destruction then this course is for you?

  • Are you interested to improve personal relationships then this course is for you?

  • Are you interested to have a better family relationship than this course is for you?

  • Are you interested to get into a loving relationship then this course is for you?

  • Are you interested to illuminate your life with peace, trust & faith then this course is for you?

Course Content

We have a passion to serve and support.

Module #1

Living Through Self Compassion Quick Videos

2 Lectures - 2 Min

  • Quick Video 1: Living Through Self Compassion - 01:36 

  • Quick Video 2: Living Through Self Compassion - 00:50

Module #2

Why I Created The Course?

2 Lectures - 4 Min

  • Arcticle: Why I Created The Course? - 01:05

  • Video: Why I Created The Course? - 03:11

Module #3

Absence Of Love

3 Lectures - 12 Min

  • Arcticle: Absence Of Love - 02:13

  • Video: Absence Of Love - 05:52

  • Video: Viktor Frankl - 03:43

Module #4

Mortgage On Your Soul

3 Lectures - 14 Min

  • Arcticle: Mortgage On Your Soul - 01:57

  • Video: Mortgage On Your Soul - 11:05

  • Video: There's No Coincidence - 00:53

Module #5

Compassion Is The Key

2 Lectures - 20 Min

  • Arcticle: Compassion Is The Key - 03:58

  • Video: Compassion Is The Key - TEDx Talk - The Miracle of Compassion - 16:11

Module #6

A Life Of Self Compassion

2 Lectures - 9 Min

  • Arcticle: Life Of Self Compassion - 03:04

  • Video: A Life of Self Compassion - 06:10

Module #7

Journey Of Self Compassion

2 Lectures - 6 Min

  • Arcticle: Journey Of Self Compassion - 01:09

  • Video: Journey Of Self Compassion - 04:27

Living Through Self Compassion

This course includes:

  • 06 articles

  • 10 videos on-demand

  • 03 months access (we want you to complete it)

  • Access extended on request for free

  • View course anytime on your computer or phone

  • Get access to the instructor via email

Please note this online course is not a counselling session. Your emotions may be highly heightened during the course and it is your responsibility to seek specialist support if required. 

$27.00 USD



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Rohit Bassi is part of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®, a global conference speaker, TEDx speaker, premium mentor, trainer, and coach. He has 25+ years of experience and has spoken in over 21+ countries.

You deserve to interact with someone who understands local, regional and global mindsets and cultures. Rohit Bassi has inspired countless number of people to success. Did he always have these skills, the confidence to be part of a best selling book (Success Mastery with Jack Canfield), speak on a TED stage and be a global speaker?

Well, not really. Certain life-changing events led him to massively improving his personal success skills, such as higher emotional intelligence and wisdom, listening, critical thinking and speaking. Through his talks, people develop an executive presence that leads them to their own unique formula of success mastery. Thus advancing in their careers, businesses and lives.


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