Soul Of Sales – The Nine Universal Laws

 Sales is a noble profession of service that requires one to be adaptable, flexible and versatile.


Fear or reward which methods do you regularly use to carry out your sales? Both methods could forge your path to success. However there is only one method is forever green, everlasting and eternal. In an ethical sales guru book, there is only one way, which is “the Soul of Sales” way.

Fear and reward tend to focus on Always Be Closing (ABC). It is extremely self-centered rather than client-focused. “Soul of Sales – The Nine Universal Laws” is part of the best selling book Success Mastery. It is all about Always Be Caring for the client.

It is a systematic, assertive and compassionate approach to sales. The nine laws allow you to be connected with your core values of serving clients as a trusted advisor thus rises to the next level with ease and comfort. The journey is not of a transaction but forging a successful ethical relationship, which allows both you and the client to be in a win-win situation in the short, medium and long run.


  • Build credibility and connection with your clients

  • Offer solutions to your clients they actually want

  • Negotiate and manage objections in an effective manner

  • Transform from transactional sales to client relationship sales

  • Handle and resolve conflicts as a professional

  • Discover opportunities by tweaking your communication skills

Session Topics

  • Going beyond The Sales Cycle

  • Excepting and accepting service excellence

  • Building trust & effective relationships

  • Understanding your client buying process

  • Four categories of buyers

  • The Triune Brain Theory in client relationship

How effective are you as a sales professional with this quick and easy diagnostic?

Many people run away from sales as they are afraid of failure, it is the rejection in sales or worst still the belief "no one will buy from me". 

Firstly, accept that you will need to regularly educate yourself to overcome your sabotaging and limiting beliefs to be an ongoing success. 

Secondly, accept that your service/product may not be suitable for everyone, so be clear of your market, not everyone is your customer.

Thirdly, accept you are forever in learning in developing your sense of trust, respect and focus to overcome days, when your inspiration is at an all low and the motivation, is dead dark-side.

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Your Journey  

An adventure of vulnerability, versatility and victory

The Problem

Questions about the journey.

  1. Are you fearful of selling?

  2. Are you looking to increase sales in the short and long-term?

  3. Are you desiring to improve client- relationship management?

The Solution

The journey towards solving the problem. 

  1. Be adaptable, flexible and versatile through the sales process.

  2. Minimise objections and time spent on negotiation.

  3. Ace your communication to develop powerful long-term client relationships.

Apply The Solution

We help you to succeed in the journey. 

  1. Forging a successful ethical authentic relationship with your clients by applying the "Nine Universal Laws".

  2. Be a trusted advisor to develop a win-win situation in the short, medium and long run for you and the client by focusing on rapport and likeability.

  3. Integrate the brain and heart to tweak your communication style for enhanced performance.

Ongoing Success

Making it a success on your own.

  1. Review what truly works for you thus focus on your strengths.

  2. Provide feed-forward which consists of focus-oriented options or solutions.

  3. Access to resources that will serve and support you and get connected to us for further development

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Oracle, United Arab Emirates

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