Presenting With Impact – Secrets Of Public Speaking & Presentation

We help you deliver presentations for every occasion. Every second you are presenting to yourself or others through your emotions, thoughts and actions.


Many people are aware of President Obama, Jack Ma, and Sheryl Sandberg. All have something in common apart from being rich. Without this one skill they have, you may seriously impact your career or business growth.

Yes, they all use digital technology but to get that edge they speak with people by presenting live in front of them. Thus allowing them to communicate, negotiate and lead with great success. Through applied neuroscience, heart and mind connection learn to speak with greater ease. Use the powerful art of storytelling to deliver your message with immense impact. Inform, influence and inspire people. Get ready to enhance your image, convince, and be impressive by presenting with high personal impact.

Your presentations are a great opportunity to convey your story and inspire people to have the courage to take action. We help you deliver presentations for every occasion such as

  • Public speaking on the stage

  • Virtual presentations

  • Leadership and speaker coaching

  • Presentations for meetings (technical, analytical, stakeholder meeting)

  • Investor or sales pitch

  • Conference keynote

  • TED Talk

  • Internal events

  • Break out sessions

  • Launch events

  • And much more...


  • Establish rapport with your audience

  • Appeal, influence and persuade different types of people

  • Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear

  • Realise your strengths as a presenter

  • Confidentially handle questions with ease

  • Presenting with a BANG! BANG! BANG!

Session Topics

  • Your Key Message(s) With Trinity of “I” 

  • Three Secrets of a Great Presenter

  • BANG! BANG! BANG! Presentation Structure

  • Powerful Body Language, Words & Voice

  • Storytelling To Develop Value & Earn More

  • With Ease Overcome Fear & Objections

Your Journey  

An adventure of vulnerability, versatility and victory

The Problem

Questions about the journey.

  1. Does public speaking fill you with fear and anxiety?

  2. Are you looking to gain self-confidence when you carrying out presentations?

  3. As a leader, sales professional or a team member are you to looking be outstanding with your presentations? 

The Solution

The journey towards solving the problem. 

  1. With clarity articulate yourself to influence and persuade others.

  2. With conviction delivery your message to people at all levels

  3. With compassion pass through our fear and connect with your listeners.

Apply The Solution

We help you to succeed in the journey. 

  1. Discover ways to establish rapport with your listener (listen to you out of respect).

  2. Stop the fear/anxiety, (telling) vomiting information and poor communication. Be great with your subject and polishing your voice, words, body language.

  3. Know the power of storytelling, giving relevant data and facts and make emotional connect.

Ongoing Success

Making it a success on your own.

  1. Review what truly works for you thus focus on your strengths. 

  2. Provide feed-forward which consists of focus-oriented options or solutions.

  3. Access to resources that will serve and support you and get connected to us for further development.

What ROI Talks clients are saying

I thoroughly enjoyed Rohit's workshop on presentation skills. I now feel far more confident in my ability to present not only internally but externally too Rohit was polite and very professional whilst delivering training that was also made fun and uplifting" -Sophie Williams, CPL Aroma, United Kingdom

Rohit is a remarkable trainer who used simple techniques to polish my presentation skills. His training was just what I had been looking for to up my presentation and public speaking skills. Very to the point, thorough, relevant and knowledgeable." - Chetan Prabhakar, Honeywell, United Arab Emirates

I am grateful to Rohit for helping me overcome my fear of public speaking. At the end of the session one comes out transformed. The unconscious shift has made me very confident. He works on you, for you and with you to bring the desired results."

Indu Varanasi, IRD Design, United Arab Emirates

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