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Things Good Leaders Should Never Catch Themselves Saying

April 24, 20223 min read

What you say as a leader really makes a difference because your team will emulate your behaviour. Even if you don't feel like it, you'll be a role model to your team. To avoid losing them in the wrong direction, be very wary of using the wrong leadership phrases. In this article, we're going to take a look at some wrong leadership phrases that you should steer clear of when leading teams and coaching leaders.

Things Good Leaders Should Never Catch Themselves Saying

1 - "I Don't Have Time For That."

A leader who doesn't have time for things will probably not have time for his team either. A leader should make time for the people they lead. If they don't value their employees enough to make time for them, they probably don't see them as valuable assets.

2 - "It Shouldn't Be This Hard."

Sometimes the work is hard, but the work still needs to get done. A good leader will motivate his team by getting them excited about the work that needs to get done, not by getting them upset about the difficulty of it.

3 - "That Won't Work Here."

When your team tries to do something, and it doesn't work, you need to try to adapt to their idea and make it your own. By telling them that it won't work, you're discouraging their creativity and bringing down the energy in the room.

4 - "I Don't Like That Idea."

A good leader uses his team. If he doesn't like the idea, he will find a way to give it a try. He won't just let that idea go down the drain.

5 - "He's Not Good Enough to Take That Work On."

A good leader will let his team members learn from their mistakes. He will give them the opportunity to grow. He won't be mean about it.

6 - "I Told You."

There is a lot of power in letting someone experience disappointment. A good leader doesn't need to rub it in their face with "I told you so."

7 - "I Don't Need Any Help."

It is always good to have support. A good leader knows how to delegate work to his team. He will lead his team to success, not by doing everything himself.

8 - "I'm Busy."

A good leader will always take the time to make time for his team. He will never make excuses. He will always prioritize.

9 - "You Must Do It Like This"

A good leader will be open to new ideas. He will encourage his team to think outside the box.

10 - "That's Not My Problem."

You can't just stick to your own job and not share your thoughts with your team members. You need to be open to their ideas and willing to help if needed.


As a leader, you're always in charge. You need to always show confidence. Your team will emulate your behaviour, so even if you don't feel like you can, try to always be the best leader you can be.

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