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Six Sign You Chosen Leadership Approach Is Not Working

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March 27, 20223 min read

There must be a leader who takes command to ensure success in a specific task in any setting. This is especially true for business teams or a group for schoolwork. After all, leadership requires a high level of responsibility and accountability.

Being a leader isn't just about being the boss because it requires you to set aside your personal views for the benefit of a group. It also involves devoting time and effort to the team and its goals. If a leader's approach doesn't work, the entire team is doomed to fail. Additionally, leaders should not be afraid to admit mistakes, which shows that they're willing to work on their shortcomings.

This article will discuss the signs that a leadership approach is failing. Read on below to get started.

#1 - The Team Lacks Passion

A leader needs to encourage the team to be passionate and involved. Passion is essential to success. If you don't have it, you'll probably face difficulties in the long run.

The leader must drive both the talent and passion of the team. This will build a strong foundation that will help the team to be successful. While it will be impossible for the leader to step into the shoes of each team member and feel the same level of passion that they do, the leader can nudge the team members in the right direction.

#2 - The Rest of the Team Doesn’t Give Feedback

A leader needs to ask for feedback and receive it promptly. If the team member doesn't respond or refuses to provide feedback, it could signify dissatisfaction or hidden agendas.

If the leader is doing something wrong, they should be open to receiving feedback as it will only help them become better leaders. If the leader isn't receptive to feedback, it could be a sign that they're disconnected from the needs of the team members.

#3 - You View Team Accomplishments as Your Own

It's natural for leaders to take all the credit when their team achieves something remarkable. However, it's also essential to remain humble and acknowledge the team's hard work.

If a leader doesn't acknowledge the team's hard work, it will only emphasise the leader's inadequacies. Instead, the leader should be proud of the team and be willing to share the credit with them.

#4 - You Talk More Instead of Listening More

A leader needs to listen to their team members. After all, you can't expect to be a great leader if you're incapable of listening to the needs of others.

Conversely, it's also essential to stop any type of negative talk. This can include whispering and gossiping, which is a form of negativity. If a team member is spreading gossip behind the back of another team member, it can be a sign that the leader isn't doing their job well.

#5 - You Don’t Know How to Apologise

Every person makes mistakes, and a leader is no exclusion. If a leader doesn't know how to apologise for errors, team members will view them as immature.

A good leader can accept their mistakes and apologise. This shows that leaders understand their shortcomings and are willing to fix those mistakes. It also shows that the leader isn't afraid of failure, which is a quality that you should possess, especially when you're in a leadership role.

#6 - You Micromanage the Team

While someone in a leadership role should be in charge, they shouldn't micromanage the team. Micromanagement should be discouraged as it can cause many problems, including discomfort and a lack of satisfaction.

Instead, you should provide the team with the freedom to fail without censorship. This will create an environment conducive to building the skills of the team members.


Leadership is about attitude, thoughtfulness and dedication. If you're in a leadership role, ensure that your team members know that you care about them. When you do, you and your team will achieve success.

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