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Four Pains That CEOs Face

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December 21, 20212 min read

Every leader will face rough, tough and scary times. These could stem from both internally and externally factors. Regardless of the industry, size of the business, country such situations need to be taken care of in a wholesome manner.

The CEO is under ongoing pressure of development, growth and execution of the business. Adaptability, flexibility, clear communication, and the need for quick decisive action while maintaining calmness under fire are some of the traits a strong CEO needs to exhibit

Four of the pains that CEOs face and not addressing these create havoc:

1. Losing Face Syndrome

With all that is happening in the outside world the leadership team finds it rough, tough and scary are they making wholesome decisions. In that fear, they make unwholesome decisions or no decisions at all. Courage comes from the French word coeur which means “HEART”. Thus the leadership needs to carry out courageous communication not just with the outside world but with themselves. With their teams, they need to have the courage to be transparent rather than bury their heads like an ostrich in the sand.

2. Too Much Noise

Information (innovation, technology advancement and much more) is bombarded from everywhere and that is certainly extremely overwhelming for leadership who has to make decisions to take things forward. Thus clarity is required from leadership and their teams. In this manner, they are on top of decision-making in the fast-moving environment and especially in a VUCA situation.

3. The Blame Game

In any organisation, the blame game kills morale, loyalty and productivity. Leadership and their teams need to connect, collaborate thus uplifting performance. Take ownership, take 100% responsibility without playing the blame game. Thus conviction is necessary by leadership and the team which means taking responsibility for actions no matter what the outcomes.

4. The Darkside

We cannot ignore the ‘dark’ and destructive side of leadership. Such abusive and toxic leaders have strong followers which have a painful impact on their people, the organisation and clients. Leadership that crosses over to the dark side and contribute to destructive results often display one or more of the following attributes controlling, arrogance, selfishness, manipulation, aggression, dishonesty. Thus compassion is the key and that means mindfulness leadership needs to be developed for everyone. Developing leadership communication through mindfulness helps in sharpening your mental and emotional states which require you to strengthen your mind. 

It is not easy being a CEO. Yes, market insights to make a business successful certainly helps but without wholesome leaders and teams, the above pains will never go away.


Rohit Bassi

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